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Audio & Art Galleries is a new, innovative company, spesialized not only in Hi-Fi and High-End Audio & Video systems, but also in Contemporary Arts. Powered by few, highly experienced personnel and addressed not only to Greece, but also worldwide, ensures that you will find an excellent service and friendly advises that help you to find the best solution for your needs.

The philosophy of Audio & Art Galleries has two pillars: providing audio and visual products of high performance and design, while giving the opportunity to artists to present at the same place their own life projects, from their own point of view, but also the challenge to combine this presentation with other art forms such as music, animation or cinema.

The concept is to combine not one, nor two, but at least three forms of Art in the same place. With cutting-edge technology equipment music and cinema, become one with the painting, sculpture, photography…

The target is always the best possible service, the highest quality and reliability and the provision of knowledge to our friends.

Success is the entry of more and more ordinary people in the area of true High-End and Fine Arts

Because the harmonious cooperation of individual senses get us closer to the perfection !

Let ourselves to forget for a while the common, very compressed -so poor- music and allow all of us to travel into the magic world of High-End, under the light of great Art creations.

All offered by us HiFi and High-End, or Professional products are very carefully selected, not only according to our „highest quality and service standards“, but also accomplishing our multiannual search for the “perfect” Hi-Fi and High-End Audio and Visual system.

The quality, structure and aesthetics of all audio products of Audio & Art Galleries may register them in the category of real art items, at prices suited to the Greek data. Furthermore, all Brands, which are in cooperation with us, constitute top names in audiovisual area. They are strictly selected judging not only the quality and reliability, but also the aesthetics of their products.

In front of any business or financial aspects, there is our passion – as Audiophiles and Art Lovers – for the best possible music reproduction, in combination with all forms of Art.

This is the hobby… This is ‚High-End‘…

Products of all categories and from all continents. For all badgets…
Behind all these products are people, who have dedicated many years of their lives, only to your specialty. In this area you have your senses and your skills always evolving, driven to extremes.
The only thing that counts is absolute quality !!

This is ‚Audio & Art Galleries‘ …!

Have fun browsing. If you have any suggestions, questions or requests, please contact us.
Your ‚Feedback‘ is also very important to us. Please spend some time to tell us your opinion.

Sincerely yours,

Dr.Eng. Theodore Betsos

Managing Director

Audio & Art Galleries