Professional Sound, Video and Lighting, Hi-Fi, High-End, Home Cinema, Multimedia Systems, Audio & Visual Equipment for Installation, Rentals and any application.


Utilizing an over-30-years experience in audio and video, as well as their extensive know-how abroad, in Germany and elsewhere, the founders of Audio & Art Galleries decided –in spite of times– to return to Greece and invest in a new, innovative company, unique for the Greek business map and beyond.

Audio & Art Galleries combines high-quality home and professional audio and visual systems, with simultaneous presentation in the same area great creations of young artists, Greeks and foreigners.

By creating two entirely new branches in Athens and Mykonos, the founders of Audio & Art Galleries aspire to combine not one, nor two, but at least three or more forms of Art in the same place. Using cutting-edge technology equipment (many of these devices are pieces of art themselves) music and cinema, become one with the painting, sculpture, photography… 


The philosophy of Audio & Art Galleries has two pillars: providing audio and visual products of high performance and design, while giving the opportunity to artists to present at the same place their own life projects, from their own point of view. Furthermore, frequent events of any kind and live concerts conducive to the development of debate and exchange of ideas, while promoting creativity, experimentation and interactivity of the artists to the public and vice versa.


In the technology sector, the possibility of demonstrating, designing and installing home audio and visual systems, from simple ones up to complicated multiroom and home entertainment systems, already constitute a complete and innovative solution.

In the professional sound, the company’s fields of work are the design, supply and installation, of audiovisual equipment for shops, hotels, bars and clubs. Moreover, high quality equipment for studio recording, broadcasting and live concerts.

Also the short- or long-term rental of adequate sound and video systems, as well lighting equipment.

The know-how and experience of the Audio & Art Galleriespersonnel guarantee excellent quality work and after sales service. Equally important is the complete and honest information to the customers, according to their needs, suggesting the best solutions, both qualitatively and financially.

All Brands, which are in cooperation with Audio & Art Galleries, constitute top names in audiovisual area and they are strictly selected judging not only the quality and reliability, but also the aesthetics of their products.


In the field of art, basic and timeless target of Audio & Art Galleries is to promote contemporary art and cultural experimentation, with the simultaneous presentation in the same area the Art Works or musical talent of known Greek and foreign artists, older and newer, through the light of a two-way interaction.

The combination of technology serving art and vice versa are on one hand a totally innovative idea for Greece, on the other hand gives a great opportunity to promote all forms of contemporary art and culture, through a complete and thorough interactive communication platform.

It ιs the realization of the dream of a committed lover of music and art, with expertise and experience in more than 40 years, as it also aims to consolidate the value of culture, regardless of the expression pattern.