Hotel Equipment or External Audio-Visual Provider?

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Do I Have to Use the Hotel’s AV company?

Many of our customers never knew they could bring their own audio visual provider and equipment into their hotel meeting rooms. Until they started working with us. Hereafter, we inform you and explain why using an outside audio visual provider is always better than using the hotel’s AV company.

Using your own external audio visual provider can save you up to 60% on AV costs.

More and more companies are hiring external equipment providers and event planners to save expenses at the end. Just as travel budgets have been tightened, audio visual budgets have been also reduced.

Hotel audio visual partners limit competition, which equates to poorer service, basic or elementary equipment and -finally- less value than an outside company can provide.

If you have multiple events at hotel meeting rooms per year, it’s a guarantee you will save money by using an external audiovisual provider who can provide consistency on-site, one-point of contact and competitive pricing in every venue your events are at.

Why does the venue insist to use the hotel AV company?

Some venues will make commission when booking audio visual services through a provider they have cooperated with. If you bring in your preferred provider they can’t contract the work out and they don’t get incentive pay. However they make more money from food, beverage and hotel meeting room rentals than audio visual, so removing the clause that restricts working with your choice of provider is easy to do. It’s also a good idea to bring outside quotes into your negotiations to drive down in-house costs regardless of which provider you choose.

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